My Story


I have always been fascinated by the mysteries of science and spirit, the hidden secrets of nature and the human soul. Since I was a child, I felt a strong connection with the esoteric and the mystical, the unknown and the unexplored. I wanted to learn more about myself and the world around me, to discover the truth behind the illusions.

But my life was not easy. I grew up in a broken family, with no support or guidance. I struggled with loneliness, depression, and anxiety. I felt like an outsider, a misfit, a wanderer. I had no direction, no purpose, no meaning.

That's why I decided to leave everything behind and embark on a journey of adventure and self-discovery. I traveled across Europe, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, and learning new things. I explored the beauty and the diversity of life, the joys and the sorrows, the challenges and the opportunities. I learned to appreciate the simple things, to be grateful for what I have, and to manifest what I want.

One of the places that captivated me the most was the French Riviera, where I anchored for a while. There, I immersed myself in the history and alchemy of this enchanting region. I learned about the legends and lore of this land. I studied alchemy and other esoteric mysteries, where I experimented with different elements and substances.

I also met some amazing people who shared my passion for science and spirit, for nature and soul. They became my friends and mentors, who taught me new things and inspired me to grow.

I also developed a passion for psychology, neuroscience and spirituality, for understanding the human mind and heart, for healing the wounds and awakening the potential. I studied various disciplines and traditions, from modern plasma physics to nanotechnology, from bioelectrochemistry to art. I learned from the masters and the mentors, from the books and the courses, from the experiments and the observations.

I also started to share my knowledge and wisdom with others, to help them improve their health and happiness, to inspire them to follow their dreams and passions. I conducted teachings and conferences on alternative health and technology, on natural and holistic solutions for physical and mental well-being. I also created my own products based on my research on electrolysis, mineral crystals particles, and green cosmetics. I wanted to offer people a way to enhance their beauty and immunity, to nourish their skin and their soul.

One of my most precious creations is this crystal pendant that I wear around my neck. It is like my baby, a symbol of everything that I have learned and experienced in my journey. It is made of pure mineral crystals particles that I produced with electrolysis, using natural and clean processes. It has a beautiful shape that reflects the light in different ways. It also has a powerful energy that resonates with my own frequency.

This crystal pendant is not just a piece of jewelry. It is a tool for transformation, for healing, for enlightenment. It helps me to balance my chakras, to clear my aura, to connect with my higher self. It also helps me to spread my light to others, to share my love and compassion, to create positive vibrations in the world.

That's why I decided to make more of these crystal pendants and sell them on my web-store. I want to share this gift with you, with anyone who is interested in science and spirit, in nature and soul. Anyone who wants to feel good about themselves and their world.

Because I believe that we are all in this together. We are all part of this beautiful and mysterious universe. We are all made of the same energy and matter. We are all crystals of light.

And together we can change the world for a better place for everyone.