Power of Plasma 

The merkaba natural quartz pendant is made with a unique Liquid Plasma Crystal technology developed by alchemical scientist Arvis Liepa using ancient wisdom and nowadays appliance of nanotechnologies. 

In the center of the crystal pendant is miniature plasma water flacon filled with fine extracted MCP's (Mineral Crystal Particles) such as gold, silver, for universal feminine and masculine energy balance or specific minerals in plasma water programmed using high performance selected scalar wave electromagnetic device for specific blend of frequencies to personalize each of those crystal amulets. 

Quartz crystal has the unique jewelry cut in precise hexagonal shape, reflecting not only the form of a benzene ring as basis of organic life in modern science, but also symbolizes the ancient knowledge about all four basic elements - earth, fire, air, water and the fifth element of love energy or ether also called as plasma in our age. Fully symmetrical planar hexagonal shape of carbon framework works also as a perfect communicator and connector of duality of natural forces and feminine and masculine energy. 

How does it work?

As natural EMW (electromagnetic waves) flows from the heart of each human being in the complementary of this programmed liquid plasma water crystal, the vibrations amplified radiate out and beyond to his surroundings. Similar as any light source it emits EMW with specific frequencies of the lightwaves influencing its environment.